Wedding Thermography Printing

Happy 2014 and we are excited to jump into a new season working with couples across the country on their wedding design projects. We wanted to release an update on the ever so popular and beautiful Thermography Printing available in our custom wedding invitation shop!

We have developed a great relationship and have partnered with a old school and very knowledgeable print house that specializes in traditional forms of printing like Thermography, raised ink printing. Thermography wedding printing projects can range in price but we are confident that we can develop design and printing solutions for most budgets.

We have experimented with many stocks that are very popular when printing wedding invitations and have found our favorite! We have seen great results with Linen Paper! The paper has a finish simulating the look of linen cloth and is slightly textured. The look is achieved with an embossed finish in a specific pattern of lines like you see in cloth. It is usually a very fine, subtle pattern. This paper is available in many weights and in a bright white or a natural white, very similar to a Ecru paper.

Paper with a linen finish is often used for wedding stationery such as wedding invitations, save the dates, menus and programs.

Thermography Color Ink and Printing:
We now can color match using the Pantone color system incorporating our clients wedding colors with color thermography printing. That is right, you can add raised color ink to any wedding invitation in our shop. Have the color match your wedding colors or maybe the pocket invitation that brings it all together.

View our Thermography Wedding Invitation page for more information and our Thermography category in our Etsy shop!